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Student Stories

"Some of the animals in Costa Rica are not afraid of people and are extremely bold. One morning during breakfast a coati (looks like a raccoon with a long tail) jumped up on our table and stole the omelette off one of our plates. We all thought it was funny until the next meal when it happened again!"
-Stacie Fraley' Costa Rica; 2012; Faculty-Led Geography

“I will never ever forget my Thanksgiving abroad! I was attending the National University of Ireland Maynooth about thirty minutes outside of Dublin. I had four roommates that were all Irish. They were all so excited that they “had an American,” because that meant they could celebrate Thanksgiving. We spent the entire day on our dinner. It was interesting cooking dinner in a college apartment on a college budget and with college cooking skills! All of our friends were invited and everyone had to cook something to bring. The oven we had in our apartment was tiny, so we would cook something at our friend's apartment across campus, run it over to our apartment, and then pack it into our tiny oven in order to keep everything warm! We didn't have room at the table for everyone so we pushed our coffee table over and used that, too! I taught them all how to make and color hand turkeys (like you do in first grade) and we hung around the room! We’re such children at heart! I also attempted to explain to them why we celebrated Thanksgiving. They just couldn't understand what Pilgrims were and questioned whether the Indians and Pilgrims actually ate together. They were so funny about the whole thing! At dinner, we all went around and said something we were thankful for. I will never forget my Irish College Edition of Thanksgiving with my Irish family!”
-Kaylee LeVasser; Dublin, Ireland; Fall 2012; ASA

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